Which hairstyle suits the shape of your face?

Do you change your hairstyle often? But have you never experienced that wow feeling after a haircut? Determine your facial shape and see which hairstyle suits you best. Complete the picture with a LiLBHair to highlight your ideal hairstyle.

Many hairstyles fit an oval face

An oval face is widest at the cheekbones and narrows towards the chin and forehead. Many hairstyles suit an oval face, but still be careful with short hairstyles. This can make you look older than you are.

A hairstyle with alternating heights and lengths for a round face

Good news if you have a round face: your wide cheekbones often make you look younger. Alternate height and length to tone down the rounded shape. Definitely don’t go for a bob or a haircut that is too short. Let some hair fall over your ears. This will make your face look less round.

Short or medium length hairstyle for a rectangular face

An elongated face is longer than an oval face. You have an angular forehead and jawline. Emphasize the width of your face with your hairstyle. You do this for example with bangs or a short bob. Don’t put your hair up. Go for a short or half-long haircut. Choose a hairstyle that makes your face look rounder.

A layered hairstyle for a square face

With a square face, we see a wide jawline. The forehead and cheekbones have the same width. Did you know that women with square faces are very photogenic? Break up the round shape with an asymetrical pony or go for a layered hairstyle. Short or long, everything fits.

A heart-shaped face requires a half-length haircut

Do you have a point in the middle of the hairline that gives your face a heart shape? In combination with a wide forehead, sharply defined cheekbones and a wide chin, it is best to go for a medium-length hairstyle. Definitely don’t go for short bangs.

A hairstyle with side part when you have a diamond shaped face

A diamond shape is created by wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. A medium to long haircut with extra volume around the forehead and chin is ideal. Go for a side parting.

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