The perfect alternative to hair implantation

We often notice it in LiLBHair’s hairdresser’s chair: we see what hair can do to a person once it’s no longer there. Hair loss often leads to decreased self-confidence. Yet hair loss in men is very common. More than half will be affected by it by the age of 50. In fact, for one-third of men, this is already the case around the age of 30.

Philip is balding at a very early age. As a result, he lost some self-confidence. He even considered a hair implant for this purpose. Until he discovered the hair topper from LiLBHair.

LiLBHair is a natural-looking hair addition that will only get you compliments. With a custom attachment system created for you, your LiLBHair is applied to complement your own hair. Color and hairstyle are personalized and completely match your own hair. Now that Philip is wearing a hair topper from LiLBHair, he is back in his business with confidence.

Watch the video and find out how satisfied Philip is with his hair addition.

A LiLBHair hair topper, something for you? Push the taboo aside and come and try on one of our fittings in Zele or Waregem.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten