Hairwork keeps your hairstyle in shape at any time

Do you often find yourself scratching your head when you look at your hairstyle in the mirror? Is your hair thin or lifeless? Do you suffer from hair loss? Then hair work is the ideal solution for you.

What is hair work?

Hair work is an addition to your own hair. You attach it in a simple way. This makes it very user-friendly in day-to-day situations. It makes you feel like you’ve just come from the hairdresser’s at any time of the day. This sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it? A hairstyle in shape gives you extra charisma and self-confidence. Doesn’t this look very unnatural? No, on the contrary. Hair works made of real hair are very natural. It blends seamlessly with your own hair color and hair length.

How is hair work made?

How can natural hair be incorporated into a hair work? First, the hair tips are placed in the same direction. This way you avoid tangles in the hair. Then the hair is decolorized and thoroughly cleaned with chemical products. Hair color is applied, the hair is attached to a base and shaped. Straight hair, curls, waves, short or long, everything is possible. With this base you attach the hair work to your own hair.

How should I wash my hair system?

When washing your hair system, keep one golden rule in mind: don’t let your hair get tangled! Comb the hair thoroughly before washing. Use lukewarm water to wet the hairpiece. Apply the shampoo from top to bottom. Do not massage the shampoo as you would your own hair. You also run the water from top to bottom when rinsing. You repeat this to thoroughly clean the hairpiece. Then apply the care to the lengths of the hair, comb through with a coarse comb and let the care soak in. You rinse back with lukewarm water, dab the hair with a towel and shape your hairpiece with the hair dryer.

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