Do you tackle your thinning hair with extensions or with a hair topper?

Seeing your hair thinned is not a pleasant experience. You see more and more of your scalp appearing. You try all the tricks to give your remaining hair as much volume as possible. In time, it dominates your entire life. Therefore, you start looking for a solution. But what should you choose? Do you tackle your thinning hair with extensions or with a hair topper? Ask yourself these questions.

Do you want to sit in the hairdresser’s chair for hours at a time?

Extensions are all separate strands of hair that are applied to your hair. One by one they are tied, braided or glued to your existing hair. Or to a special net if you don’t have enough hair left yourself. Can you imagine how long it takes the hairdresser to give you a full haircut? Indeed, long. Often several hours. And in the meantime, you stay perfectly still in your seat.

Do you want damaged hair?

The effects on your own hair cannot be predicted. These permanent extensions last for several months. So your own hair will also remain knotted or braided for months. Also know that warmth or even heat is often required to attach the extensions. So, in other words, your own hair suffers.

Do you want to feel constant pressure on your scalp?

Once your extensions are attached, they stay where they are for months. You never even have a chance to take the pressure off the knots or braids. You sleep with it. You wash your hair along with your extensions. You are literally attached to them.

Do you want to go through that same process all over again every few months?

The answer is obvious. This is not what you have in mind.

Want a super simple solution that will give you a full hairstyle in seconds?

Then go for a hair topper. You click it to your own hair in seconds. And get it out just as quickly. The 100% natural hair is completely styled according to your hair color and hairstyle. In addition, the hair topper always stays in beautiful shape. A party? An important meeting? Or just to feel good about yourself? Your hair topper makes you shine instantly. No one sees that you are wearing a hair topper. But it does get you a lot of compliments on your look.

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