A stylish hairstyle despite lack of time

Delphine testifies: “As a CEO, mother of an adorable daughter and wife of a sweet husband, I am very busy. I want to look top-notch every day, but I wear a helmet for several hours a day and usually only have time for a quick shower. Then I run out of time to relax and show up at business dinners with my hair only half dried. This makes me very insecure. Since I have my LiLBHair I can take a relaxing bath between a busy day at work and a business dinner. I click my hair supplement in and arrive at restaurant with a perfectly styled hairstyle.”

Don’t let lack of time stop you from looking stylish

You can click-on the LiLBHair hairtopper yourself in just a few minutes.

“The first time it takes some getting used to. The LiLBHair team provides a short training to click your LiLBHair yourself. Should this be on your forehead or just at the beginning of your hairline? In what order do you click the pins? Thanks to these tips I quickly got the hang of it. Now my hair is styled in a few minutes: click it in, brush it or blow it out and it’s done,” says marketeer Ann.

More time for yourself

Those moments when you go out of your way to get your hair somewhat right and then have to change in a matter of minutes are over. A LiLBHair is called a ‘123 hairstyle’ for a reason. Time in the bathroom takes on a different focus: yourself. Spend a little longer in the bath, apply skin care, apply some make-up at your leisure. No more rush. Start your night out relaxed or go to work relaxed.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten