A LiLBHair hair topper is an identity

Feeling insecure about your hair? Outgrowth, bald spots, extremely thin hair, no time to blow-dry?

A LiLBHair is what you wear if you want to look beautiful. At times when you choose a beautiful handbag with matching shoes, when you wear make-up, earrings and jewellery… A LiLBHair is a fashion accessory. LiLBHair is an identity. Your identity.

“I have 2 small children and no time to blow-dry my hair”, Ellen, presenter at AVS East-Flemish Televisiontells Ingrid. “We have the solution for you: a hair topper,” says Ingrid of LiLBHair.

See this video and discover the metamorphosis of Ellen in AVS Weekend.

Ingrid toont je met plezier hoe je je haartopper in enkele clicks op en af kan zetten